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Recruit/Sell Like a Champion Today!

It's the little things that go a long way.

Run Championship Plays:

Take great care of our Associates! ---They're loyalty gives us a competitive advantage! They're paying our bills and putting food on our tables. They're our eyes and ears inside our client sites.

Job Postings---The care we put into postings impacts our brand and yours. Make sure they're SEO Optimized and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Deal Quarterbacking ---No waiting! Run the plays on this sheet to move your deals forward!

Client Commitment Ladder---Sell high on the ladder to gain customer commitment and prioritize our orders.

Help Help Help Close---Use it every time you call references to uncover leads and referrals as well as set appointments.

IOIs---Meet your candidates to deepen the relationship, learn more about their interests, gain market knowledge and uncover leads and referrals.

Skill Marketing---We work hard to find our candidates. Let's use the inventory we've created to generate opportunities in verticals we're already successful in.

Lead Generation---Our candidates and Associates are our greatest source of information. The way we treat them and the questions we ask can uncover a wealth of opportunity.