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Quality Inspector  Baltimore, MD  : 11/11/2020
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6 months

We have an outstanding Contract position for a Quality Inspector to join a leading Company located in the Baltimore, MD surrounding area.

Job Responsibilities:
  • To inspect irregularly shaped sheet metal and extruded parts, moderately complex tools, dies, jigs, and fixtures, castings, forging, machined parts and welded assemblies, major assemblies, details, subsystems, metallic and non-metallic raw materials, manufactured units, assemblies, and parts, glass, plastics, solutions, and other similar items and the like for conformance to specifications and workmanship standards.
  • To inspect all outgoing material, details, assemblies and other product components or products, before shipment, for damage, for completeness, for proper packing, and for conformance to shipping papers.
  • To perform the above functions in accordance with the following duties.
  • Work from drawings, lofts, specifications, sketches, schematics, engineering changes, wiring diagrams, written and verbal information, log books, receiving reports, and other similar data.
  • Inspects highly complex parts working to established procedures wherein it is necessary to check several related dimensions and a variety of reverse curves and compound angles. Establishes reference points and uses the same to accurately check many inter-related and coordinated dimensions in different planes, irregular machined surfaces, precision tolerance dimensions, etc.
  • Inspects for dimensional accuracy, machined and/or welded assemblies, castings, forging, extruded sections, bar stock, and similar items of average complexity that, in general, involve few related dimensions, angles, radii, and alignment which may occasionally involve some mathematical computations. Checks threads with wires and calculated dimensions, when not given, to ascertain maintenance of prescribed specifications.
  • Lays out items of the above complexity, marking all location points and reference lines in accordance with drawings. Inspects machined parts and weldments, utilizing precision measuring instruments. Performs a limited amount of mathematical computations to verify interrelated and coordinated working points located in one or two planes. Makes setups on surface tables to determine dimensional acceptability. Projects flat and contoured shapes from lofts to find exact locations and true sizes, shapes and dimensions.
  • Inspects parts of average complexity wherein it is necessary to check various related dimensions, contours, curve and angles. If necessary, makes first part inspection to establish inspection procedure for average complexity items; facilitates the inspection process by eliminating or standardizing check points and improvising other inspection aids. May also perform inspection of parts mentioned above when dimensional and/or structural variations of parts received do not readily permit establishment of a standard inspection procedure.
  • Checks such aspects as component and overall dimensioning, hole patterns, trim lines, fits, and parallelisms of these parts in order to verify workmanship and conformance to drawings and specifications.
  • Inspects a wide variety of incoming customer furnished and bailed equipment, parts and materials as required for visual acceptance of items involved for proper functioning; checks for damage incurred in shipping and/or handling. Furnishes company and customer representatives with the necessary information to assist in the resolution of discrepancies.
  • The complexity of items inspected is characterized by the presence of dimensions, angles, and radii that may be checked by the use of right angles and or parallel set ups, and simple plane trigonometric calculations; regular contours or spring back allowances are charted, and the computation of dimensions not shown on design blue prints can be solved by the use of front angles.
  • Lays out items of the above complexity, marking all location prints and reference lines by drawings. Inspects tool, die, jig, or fixture utilizing precision measurements and performing a limited amount of mathematical computations.
  • To verify working points located in one or two planes, makes set ups on surface tables as required. Checks such aspects as component and overall dimensioning, hole patterns, trim lines, fits, and parallelisms of these parts to verify workmanship and conformance to drawings and specifications. Performs regularly scheduled inspection and calibration of shop working standards using primary standards and predetermined data to ascertain accuracy.
  • Performs simple chemical tests to determine the nature of the substance. Selects samples of parts, materials, and solutions for laboratory analysis. Occasionally interprets laboratory analysis to determine whether the item conforms to prescribed specifications and to physical and chemical properties.
  • Inspects all small parts, sub-assemblies, and major assemblies for conformity to specifications, tolerances, clearances, and workmanship standards. Examines assemblies to determine whether or not metal is flush against fixture, holes drilled accurately at designated points, parts securely fastened, rivets securely driven, and assemblies held in correct alignment.
  • Analyzes functional difficulties in assembly procedure to determine whether the defect is a result of faulty design, tooling, or shop operations and recommends methods of adjustment.
  • Participates in the preparation of a log of inspection points at beginning of the contract, and makes alterations when designs are changed or experience proves that closer inspection is required.
  • Inspects sub-assemblies and assemblies up to and including the level of an individual assembly or items of similar complexity for conformance to specifications, clearances, fit tolerances, alignment, security, and engagements, detecting such malfunctions as excessive chatter, pressure, noise, and erratic operation.
  • Analyzes and evaluates inspection difficulties, to determine whether the defect is the result of faulty design, tooling, or shop operations and recommends corrective action. Review inspection procedures and manuals suggesting appropriate changes to facilitate inspection.
  • Visually and physically inspects for cleanliness, damage, and completeness, incidental to and in conjunction with above work operations. Inspects for structural flaws, mechanically operates and inspects items, and checks critical dimensions to exacting tolerances.
  • Requests removals, adjustments, or replacement of malfunctioning and faulty parts and rejects or requests rework as described herein.
  • May be required to monitor tests.
  • Performs the inspection of the development and initial setup of standard prototype bonded honeycomb and/or metal assemblies; checks locations, fit, and clearances of parts by comparison with specifications and blueprints. Performs subsequent inspections of production assemblies of this type. Checks core and metal skin for proper bonding, contour, and surface in accordance with specifications on all types of bonded honeycomb and/or metal assemblies and sub-assemblies. Inspects test or core buttons for adhesion, porosity, density, and similar physical qualities. Checks honeycomb material after trimming for dimensional accuracy, damage to core, and/or for density as necessary. Inspects standard repair work such as splices or patches in non-stress areas, rebonding of separations of edges and corners, and similar types of repairs performed on bonded assemblies and/or sub-assemblies of the complexity described above.
  • Inspects metal detail parts for anodic, alodine, cadmium, zinc, chrome, silver, nickel, copper, and other metal plating and treating processes. Checks for appearance, thickness, blisters, material defects, adherence to the surface, etc. Performs inspection of parts, assemblies, and areas in aircraft or aircraft sections to which finish is to be applied; insures that surface of the metal has been properly cleaned, treated, and/or coated with rust preventatives before application of the specified finish. Inspects parts, assemblies, and areas after completion of the finishing process to insure proper type, color, appearance, uniformity of film, thickness, adherence to the surface, etc. Inspects adhesive, coated parts to ascertain that designated areas have been coated and that parts have' been cured by specifications.
  • Performs process audits per inspection instruction plans and records the results. Reviews actions taken by manufacturing, check process certifications, material tractability/out time and shelf life, the configuration of work instructions, and compliance to plan.
  • Directs and instructs lower classified employees performing above inspection functions.
  • Furnishes necessary information and assistance to the inspection planning group for the preparation of log books.
  • Accepts inspected items that meet specifications by stamping or otherwise approving inspection logs and presents to the customer for certification and acceptance. Prepares pertinent records and associated paperwork as required.

Basic Hiring Criteria:
  • This role requires intermediate computer literacy skills, at least a High School Diploma/GED, and some warehouse experience.
  • Candidates must be able to physically lift a minimum of 25 pounds, stand for long periods, willing to work in a fast-paced environment and work in various temperatures to complete warehouse tasks.

Aptitudes Requises

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No Clearance


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