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Special Assistant for Governmental and Legislative Affairs  Chicago, IL  Posted: 6/20/2022
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Associate - W2

To apply please submit a cover letter and resume to:  Shakmanexemptapplications@cookcountyil.gov
 This position is within the Cook County's Office of the President.
General Overview
Serves as the in-house governmental affairs and legislative advisor to the President and Chief of Staff regarding federal, state or local legislative matters and initiatives. Serves as the President's in-house liaison to the various federal, state or local elected officials and offices. Coordinates the County's approach and response to various legislative matters and works with the various departments, elected offices and agencies to coordinate the County's position. Supervises the legislative coordinators in the Office of the President and in the various departments under the jurisdiction of the President. Performs research and advisory functions related to legislative initiatives. Effectively recommends and provides data to the President, Chief of Staff and departments to assist in setting policy and making decisions concerning legislative initiatives. 
Reviews Illinois legislative issues that may have a potentially negative budgetary impact for the County relative to such legislation and provides responsive information to the Director and President or his/her designee. May assist in conducting research regarding available funding for programs that Cook County may be eligible to apply for and advises the Director and the President of potentially innovative programs that may improve the respective Department or County initiative. Is privy to information sensitive and confidential nature, necessary to complete assignments for the department.

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Key Responsibilities and Duties
May write legislative analysis' for proposed legislation regarding bills that will affect the respective Department; advises the Director and the President or his/her designee of constitutional, legal and budgetary issues posed by proposed State and Federal legislation so that the County may arrive at a position relative to such legislation.
Develops fiscal analysis with supporting data to be submitted to the Director and the President or his/her designee and forward to the County's lobbyists in Springfield or President designee. 
Analyzes potential negative budgetary impacts that proposed state legislation may have upon the county. 
Reviews Federal and State legislation to research availability of grant programs that may be of interest to the County in terms of innovative programs to improve the respective Department. 
Directs, coordinates and supervises the legislative efforts of the County.
Researches various legislative initiatives that are reviewed by the Director and the President's designee. 
Participates and assists in the development of other confidential papers and reports as directed. 
Assists in the development of legislative initiatives as needed and provides the Department response on pending legislation that may affect the County or respective Department. 
Represent the Department before legislative tribunals as directed by the President or his/her designee. 
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Ability to converse knowledgeably and communicate effectively in writing on related matters, and address complex legal questions and issues. 
Ability to work with others; excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with numerous individuals from various agencies as well as co-workers. 
Ability to lead and cooperate on team projects. 
Ability to analyze legislation and case law and accurately assess the potential impact of legislation upon the county and its fiscal budget. 
Skill in legislative writing and analysis as well as grant research and writing. 
Ability to read and analyze a large volume of bills and resolutions. 
Knowledge of political processes in State and County government. 
Experience in dealing with legislators and elected officials. 
Ability to read and analyze a large volume of bills and resolutions. 
Knowledge of political processes in State and County government. 
Skilled dealing with legislators and elected officials. 
Minimum Qualifications
Possession of a high school diploma or GED certificate PLUS a minimum of three (3) years' experience working for a governmental authority OR graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's degree.
Ability to utilize Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point. 
Preferred Qualifications
Masters or Juris Doctorate Degree. 
Experience analyzing, drafting or researching legislation or working with or lobbying on behalf of or before a governmental agency. 
The duties listed are not set forth for purpose of limiting the assignment of work. They are not to be construed as a complete list of the many duties normally to be performed under a job title or those to be performed temporarily outside an employee's normal line of work.


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