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Recruit/Sell Like a Champion Today!

It's the little things that go a long way.

Run Championship Plays:

Take great care of our Associates! ---They're loyalty gives us a competitive advantage! They're paying our bills and putting food on our tables. They're our eyes and ears inside our client sites.

Job Postings---The care we put into postings impacts our brand and yours. Make sure they're SEO Optimized and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Deal Quarterbacking ---No waiting! Run the plays on this sheet to move your deals forward!

Client Commitment Ladder---Sell high on the ladder to gain customer commitment and prioritize our orders.

Help Help Help Close---Use it every time you call references to uncover leads and referrals as well as set appointments.

IOIs---Meet your candidates to deepen the relationship, learn more about their interests, gain market knowledge and uncover leads and referrals.

Skill Marketing---We work hard to find our candidates. Let's use the inventory we've created to generate opportunities in verticals we're already successful in.

Lead Generation---Our candidates and Associates are our greatest source of information. The way we treat them and the questions we ask can uncover a wealth of opportunity.

                Make sure you are getting the most out of SmartSearch

If you are not using the feature below, you really should!  Ask us for help in setting up automated tasks.

Automated Tasks - Automate emails and text messages to candidates, hiring managers, recruiters and more.  Emails and texts are sent as part of hire track actions, you can delay the sending of messages and you can send messages our prior to an action, ex: 1 day before a start date or interview date.  Automated tasks are great for everything from interview confirmations to new hire documents  and MUCH more.